Orenco Station Cyclery of Hillsboro

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Deflate Those Knobbies! - By all means, if you're riding your fat tires exclusively on pavement and smooth surfaces, inflate them as hard as you like (don't exceed the manufacturer's maximum recommendation printed on the tires' sidewalls). If you're riding off road, however, seriously consider lower pressures -- in the 35- to 45-psi range, depending on the terrain and your weight (if it's really rocky and/or you weigh 200 pounds or more, stick with 45 to 50 psi). Softer pressures greatly increase control and comfort while improving traction and handling. Indeed, if you've been riding off-road on 50 to 60 psi, you'll be amazed at the improvement in ride quality.

Orenco Station of Hillsboro
1080 NE Orenco Station Parkway
Hillsboro, OR 97124
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Store Hours: Mon 10-5:30, Tues-Sat 10-7, Closed Sun

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